Organic Jeera (Cumin Seeds) | 800g

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About Jeera


Also well known by its Indian name, Jeera, the oblong, darkish brown Cumin seeds are very popular for their distinct aroma and warm, slightly bitter flavor. Procured from the farms of Rajasthan by Soni Farms, the pure, organic seeds have a fresh, crisp texture.

Used for centuries for its great health benefits, cumin seeds have been added in raw, roasted or powdered form to several cuisines including India, Western China, North Africa, Mexico and Middle East. They can be used as a spice, seasoning for foods, flavoring soups, stews and vegetables or even added to baked products like cookies, biscuits, namkeen etc. They can be used to temper legumes or added to buttermilk after roasting. Some cheese preparations or breads also use cumin for flavor. They are also part of the Indian Garam Masala and the Panch Phoran that contains five spices.


Rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, folates, phytochemicals, essential oils and dietary fiber

Contains minerals like sodium, copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, phosphorous etc.

Abundant in Vitamins A, C, E,K & B vitamins

How to Use

Ground or use whole as spice separately or as part of garam masala, or panch phoran

Use in tadka by pan roasting or roasting in ghee, butter or oil and add to dishes

Dry roast & grind to use in buttermilk, salad, subzi etc.

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