Organic Red Rajma (Kidney Beans) | 500 gm

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  • ₹153.00

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Organically Grown, processed and packed, Soni Farms Red Rajma/Kidney Beans (Jammu) is rich in texture, taste and Aroma

Also called kidney beans due to their distinct shape, these are cultivated organically free from any pesticides or additives

Rich in fibres and proteins, with a savoury taste, these organic  beans are used as part of English breakfast, however in North India, it is very popular comfort food especially when accompanied by rice

Helps in formation of teeth and development of bones

Low glycemic index helps to manage diabetes

Rajma/Kidney beans can be sprouted and the greens can then be added to salads.

Highly used in famous Dal Makhani dish

Widely used in American and Mexican cuisine such as tacos, stews and many more

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