Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | 500 ml

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About Virgin Coconut Oil


Cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil by Soni Farms, obtained from the meat of farm fresh fine quality Kerala Coconuts, is 100% organic, pure, unbleached, natural coconut oil. With a pleasant aroma and sweet mild taste, this Coconut oil extracted from mature fresh coconut kernels by natural mechanical process, it retains all the essential vitamins, healthy nutrients, fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. Prepared without any chemical treatment, refining process or exposure to heat, our coconut oil has clear, thin consistency and is free from any impurities or adulteration. With a high smoke point, it is stable when heated without being oxidized to produce free radicals and hence is recommended for cooking. Besides, being pure natural and organic, it can be also used for beauty regimen to nourish the skin and hair!


Contains fatty acids mainly saturated fat

Abundant in Vitamin E

Does not contain any proteins or cholesterol

How to Use

Saute /Stir Fry – Use virgin coconut oil to stir fry vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or eggs

Seasoning – Use it to season salads/ poultry/meat before grilling

External Application – Use it to massage the scalp or the body for skin and hair care

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