PACK OF 5 - Organic Unpolished Natural (ARHAR/TUVAR (1KG X 2), Moong Chilka (1KG X 2), Chana (1KG X 1)) + FREE Organic (Methi Dana (200G X 1), Sabut Dhaniya (200G X 1))

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About Arhar (Tuvar) Dal


Organically cultivated and sourced responsibly, Arhar Dal by Soni Farms is pure, organic dal rich in texture, taste and aroma. Also called Toor dal/red gram/ yellow pigeon pea, it is organically cultivated unpolished and untreated dal, fresh from the farms. This medium sized natural organic dal is cleaned hygienically with advanced machines as well as handpicked to maintain quality. Considered a complete food by health experts, it is popular part of Indian diet, used to make sambhar, Puran poli, stews etc. A great source of proteins for vegetarians, it is most loved when accompanied by rice as a comforting food!

About Moong Chilka


Pure, organic Moong Chilka dal from Soni Farms, procured responsibly from the farms, is rich in taste, aroma and texture. Also called split green gram, it is easy to cook and digest. Organically cultivated, Soni Farms offers unpolished, untreated dal to retain its nutrients and goodness. This natural organic dal with a mild, earthy flavor undergoes stringent cleaning with advanced machines and handpicked to maintain quality ensuring uniformity in size and genuine taste. Considered one of the best super foods for vegetarians, a great source of proteins, it is used popularly across India as part of a wholesome meal to cook dosa, idli, stuffed parantha, cheela or simple dal accompanied by roti or rice. 

About Chana Dal


Organically cultivated and sourced responsibly, Chana Dal by Soni Farms is the heart of a happy meal. It is an unpolished and untreated dal and an epitome of nature’s freshness and goodness. This healthy legume is pure, organic and natural and has therefore become an integral part of the Indian diet. Hygienically packed and sealed to preserve its purity, it is a great way to consume your proteins. This nutrient dense protein can be consumed in the form of pancakes, parathas, hummus, soup, bhurji etc. Just one serving of this dal can take you to food heavens owing to its delicate taste, delicious aroma and easily digestible quality.

About Methi Dana


Popularly used since years in traditional Indian medicines, these highly beneficial healthy seeds sourced from the farms of Rajasthan by Soni Farms are pure, organic seeds with nutty, mildly sweet& slightly bitter taste. Also used in soaps and shampoos, these organically cultivated seeds work as spice, supplement or flavoring agent for teas. Our natural organic fenugreek seeds are cleaned thoroughly using advanced machines and handpicked to ensure quality. With several nutritional benefits, these are popularly used in Indian, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine to season and finish vegetable dishes, soups, sauces, curries, pickles etc. They can be used as part of panch-phoran, garam masala or for dry rubbing of meat. The organic seeds are also used to make herbal tea for their many health benefits.

About Coriander Seeds


Delightful, aromatic and spicy coriander seeds by Soni Farms, freshly sourced from the organically cultivated farms, are unpolished and unadulterated retaining their natural warm, citrusy flavour. A beloved ingredient of the Indian cuisine, natural organic coriander seeds are hygienically packed and sealed by us to retain its purity and flavour. Coriander seeds are very popular as they not only balance the three tridoshas – vata, pitta and kapha as stated by Ayurveda but also act as a flavouring agent for various dishes. These seeds can be used in curries, sambhar, dips, soups, pickle etc. Their integral nutrients and medicinal properties can be especially benefitted from when consumed in the form of coriander infused warm water.

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