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About Jasmine Essential Oil

100% Pure, Natural and Therapeutic-grade

Popular for its sweet, pleasing and romantic aroma, this powerful oil is pure, fresh, unprocessed and deprived of any artificial components, flavour or fragrance.

In addition to being super light, it also has positive effects on the mind, body, skin, hair and mental health which make it an essential element of massage and spa therapies


Romantic, Relaxing, Calming

How to Use

Conditioner: Mix a few drops of jasmine oil with carrier oil and apply on hair for 20 minutes before shampooing.

Steam: Add a few drops of Jasmine oil in a bowl of hot water to create an aromatic steam.

Aromatherapy: Add Jasmine oil to water in a diffuser to uplift the mood, enhance libido

Bath: Add a few drops to bath water and soak in, to overcome mood swings, depression and hot flashes

Always use essential oils mixed with carrier oils. Only for external application or aroma, Not for Oral use

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