About Us

Soni Farms : Grown for your health!


Healthy choice for the health conscious

A life lived in good health is a life blessed! The food we consume accumulates wealth in our bodies in the form of healthy nutrients, therefore we must swallow sagely. Ensuring the same, Soni farms brings wellness, nutrition and longevity to every plate. Producing top notch, diverse nutritive products such as dals, seeds, spices, oils, ghee etc., Soni Farms delivers with a touch of purity and authenticity.

Retaining essential nutrients of the food ingredients

Endorsing traditional farm practices, in lands that still retain the richness of their nutrients, all our products are grown in pristine farms fed by pure unpolluted waters. We work together with our farmers to produce food that we are not only proud of but also believe in. Committed to deliver ingredients for your food that retain the essential goodness of nutrients and minerals, our produce tells a story of the farmer’s working day and night to provide freshness from the farm to your fork. This story is of love, perseverance and the will to open the window of healthy living to one and all.

Healthy and Environment friendly

Free from harsh chemicals and pesticides, our products are not only healthy but also safe for the environment since we are committed to environmental safety and sustainability. Hence, our initiative of producing 100% authentic food takes off some pressure of the rising soil, air and water pollution.

In sync with our organic mission

Soni farms is a brand with a mission to make organic farming and organic products more viable and available for all. We combine traditional farm methods with modern machinery to ensure pure, natural hygienic products that offer wholesome nutrition. Using advanced techniques and practices for dehydration while maintaining a sterile, moisture free environment, we ensure that the products retain their potent nutrients and remaining free from infestation.

Our specialized grinding process done at low temperatures ensures that the essential bioactive nutrients are preserved. Our storage and packaging processes also ensure that the organically produced pure and natural products reach you with all the nutrition and holistic goodness intact.

Helping you to feel fully alive

Soni Farms is based on the values of consistency, comfort, consideration and care. We are committed to make wholesome and conscious eating easily accessible rather than following it just as a Gen Z trend or instagrammable crowd pleaser. We not only wish to return to the roots and get closer to nature, we also wish to make a health investment with unfathomable long term benefits for all.

We are doing our bit to change the way you live, to make your brain feel alive and your body feel nurtured by providing the most nourished fuel your body could ever need to function at the best of its abilities. Let’s join hands to make this utopian dream of a healthy society come to life.