And why should I go for organic food?

And why should I go for organic food?

Making the right choice for the food we eat not only ensures our healthy living but also leaves an impact on the health of our planet. These days many people opt for organic food but before taking the leap, it is important to know why and how it is a better choice for you and your family’s well being.

·         Organic foods are rich in nutrients. Since these are produced from soil that is replenished with organic matter, these retain the essential nutrients and have been found to contain higher levels of magnesium, iron, Vitamin C, phosphorous etc. Non-organic foods grown on soil fed by synthetic fibers have less natural nutrients.

·         Organic foods are rich in taste, texture and flavor. These plants are grown using healthier traditional techniques making the plants grow with ease retaining better flavor and texture.

·         Organic products support healthy lifestyle for the farmers and the community as a whole. Not only organic foods are tastier, they are better for the farmers not exposing them to harmful chemicals and pesticides.

·         Organic products are good for the environment. With no use of pesticides and chemicals, these do not let toxins enter into the air, water, soil ultimately keeping the soil healthier and oceans cleaner with fewer pollutants. Besides, the soil that is used for organic farming has been shown to help in removing carbon dioxide from the air by carbon sequestration at a much higher rate than soil used for non-organic farming thereby reducing the effects of climate change.

·         Organic foods prevent the development of super strains of pests. Since these foods are grown using healthy techniques avoiding the use of harmful pesticides, as a result, these are not only safe for consumption but their scarce use also ensures that eventually the pests will not adapt to these chemicals and develop into more harmful super strains.

·         Organic means it is not genetically modified or GMO, a trend that has caught up in the west where several crops such as cotton, soyabean, non-browning apples etc. are GMO. Although GMO may or may not be harmful for your body but they do have environmental impact and using organic food ensures the health safety of your family and the environment.

Organic supports the friendly pollinators. Use of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides not only kill the crop harming pests but also the pollinators that are a must for environment sustainability. But organic farming uses traditional methods of growing crop that supports these pollinators maintaining the harmony of nature.